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Letter from the President

Contributing to sustainability and growing together with society through our corporate activities

President  Naoki Miyazaki

Toyoda Gosei is a top manufacturer of rubber and plastic automotive parts and LEDs, with global operations by 67 group companies in 18 countries and regions.

Over a history of more than half a century, we have always valued the contributions we make to a better society through our business activities. Meeting the expectations of our stakeholders-customers, shareholders, employees, our communities, and others-and helping to improve their lives has always been our aim. To achieve this, we emphasize environmental preservation, creation of pleasant workplaces, and building livable communities based on compliance in our various activities.

Environmental preservation is an area where we have been putting special effort. Automobile ownership is increasing, mainly in developing countries, and there is concern about future increases in global CO2 emissions, growing consumption of resources, and loss of biodiversity. To leave a sustainable and livable global environment, automakers are accelerating measures such as developing the environmentally-friendly technologies of fuel cell vehicles (FCV) and electric vehicles (EV). Suppliers such as Toyoda Gosei must also face these environmental issues, and we believe that all our stakeholders expect us to contribute fully to their resolution.

In February 2016 we established the TG 2050 Environmental Challenge, setting six ambitious goals to move steadily toward zero CO2 emissions and net water usage in our business activities by 2050. The entire Toyoda Gos ei Group will work as one under the banner of leaving a greener world for our children, and we will continue to push our efforts forward with the spirit and resolve to lead the industry in the environmental field.

As a first step toward achieving this, we are implementing various measures based on our Sixth Environmental Action Plan for the five years from 2016 to 2020. For years we have made significant efforts to develop lightweight parts that contribute to better automobile fuel efficiency, environmentally-friendly LED products, and recycling technologies for raw materials. These efforts have been recognized with as strong ranking of 18th among manufacturers in the Nikkei Environmental Management Survey. The Sixth Environmental Action Plan calls for us to continue developing products using our expertise in the field of high polymers while also creating a new company-wide environmental organization for production technology and introducing energy-saving, innovative processes by downsizing lines and equipment and other means.

We are also striving to create pleasant workplaces that stimulate employees and allow them to work in health and safety. We want to create a corporate atmosphere and culture that respects diversity so that each of our employees can work making full use of his or her individual talents and abilities. In contributing to livable communities, Toyoda Gosei employees around the world actively contribute to their local communities. Our aim is for Toyoda Gosei Group companies to have firm roots in our communities and to grow together with the societies in which we operate.

The foundation for all of these activities is compliance. To maintain the trust of society as a company of integrity, we believe not only legal compliance but high ethical standards by each and every one of our employees are crucial, and we will continue to educate employees throughout the Toyoda Gosei Group.

We will do our utmost to contribute to sustainable societies globally through our business activities, and grow together with the societies where we make our home. We look forward to continuing to serve our customers and communities.