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2019 70 anniversary


We strive to create secure and inspiring workplaces for employees based on respect for their humanity, with the highest priority on safety.

A global workforce of employees who think and act independently

To raise the collective strength of Toyoda Gosei globally, we are striving to develop people who can contribute to that end and to create workplace environments where each employee can display his or her full abilities.

■Three key areas of personnel development

Three key areas of personnel development
Framework for personnel development that supports growth

In the Toyoda Gosei Group, our personnel management system features aspiration interviews and visualization of mid-and long-term career design for each employee, as well as rotation of young employees so that they experience a wide range of work. We are also enhancing our level-specific and specialty training to give employees opportunities to acquire needed abilities and skills.

Young employee training transfer(FY2016)

  • 17名

■Personnel development cycle

‌Personnel development cycle
Enhanced training programs, invigorated personnel development

A broad range of efforts based on individual career visions are underway, including measures and study programs in Japan to develop people who can perform globally and next-generation leaders, and personnel development programs for all global employees.

■Level-specific education system
Level-specific education system
Stepwise support for young people from their start in the working world until becoming leaders of the next generation

New employee education lasts for six months. pleasant working environments for employees. During this time young people learn the basics of functioning in the working world, their jobs, and practical training on the shop floor. They are provided opportunities to gain the knowledge and experience needed to perform their work. We also have a “starting off program” until employees’ third year in the company, and a workplace OJT booster system to help them grow and develop from the youth ranks to next-generation leaders.

Improvement of manufacturing techniques and skills

To raise the levels of expertise and skill in technical areas, a company-wide manufacturing technique and skill training program is carried out. We are also working to enhance our manufacturing skills training to improve the abilities required on the manufacturing floor.

Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. is also introducing new education and training to improve and transmit the unique skills needed in manufacturing at the company.

Global personnel development

To survive in global competition and grow, we need to cultivate people who can thrive on the global stage. We are endeavoring both to globalize Japanese staff and to develop local staff at international locations. We are advancing shared education worldwide to educate executives and management level employees at international locations and impart the expert knowledge needed for our work.


Enhancing skills education

With the aim of creating strong workplaces that are a source of competitiveness as a manufacturing company, we are enhancing skills training for each employee level and area of specialty on production floors. We are currently holding skills training for about half a year for 57 skilled workers who joined the company in April 2017. After basic manufacturing education including basic shop floor safety (simulations of danger), practical training in die maintenance, fabrication of two-legged walking robots, and disassembling and assembling a bicycle, they then undergo practical training in shop floor manufacturing for 60 days.

Practical training in die maintenancePractical training in die maintenance

First Middle Management Training held in Europe

In October 2016, the first middle management training in Europe was held at Toyoda Gosei Czech, s.r.o. Eighteen management level employees from three TG Group companies in Europe participated. The training raised knowledge and skill levels that are essential for managers, including management basics and problem-solving methods. Our aim is to have all managers take this training in all regions of the world by 2020. We will also conduct parallel trainer education in order to continue this training in each region after 2020.

Training culture/TG CzechTraining culture/TG Czech


Together with efforts for stable employment, we practice fair and impartial hiring and training with respect for diversity and have strong systems and pleasant working environments for employees.

■Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. employee composition (FY2016)

Male Female Total
No. of employees 5,803 666 6,469
Average age 42.3
years old
years old
years old
Average length of employment 18.5 years 15.1 years 18.1 years

■‌No. of employees by region(FY2016)

Workplace Management Survey

Through an annual Workplace Management Survey, we try to understand workplace problems and use the survey findings to improve the work climate and strengthen human resources development. These questionnaires are given every year to survey employees’ motivation and their attitudes towards management and the workplace. Based on the results, we try to systematically improve each division’s weaknesses. Good practices found both inside and outside the company are used to promote improvements and provide support for departments experiencing problems.


Conference to Promote the Roles of Women

Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. held a Conference to Promote the Roles of Women for executive and managerial staff. The aims were to have managerial staff recognize the need for management thinking and efforts to promote the activities of female employees and tie them to attitude and behavioral reform. With a theme of “Management to Promote the Activities of Female Subordinates,” specific workplace examples were introduced and a talk was given by Ms. Tomoko Shibata, career counselor and external instructor in Toyoda Gosei training, as well as representative of JUNO.

Creation of an environment for stable work after retirement

We have established an environment so that employees can work with assurance after retirement in a post-retirement re-hiring system. Many people can make use of their high levels of skill and experience after they are rehired. A system of reduced working days and working hours supports working styles for a good work-life balance.

Number of people re-hired after retirement (FY2016)

  • 348

■Trend in cumulative number of re-employed retirees

Trend in cumulative number of re-employed retirees
Support for a full second life

So that employees who have worked so hard for the company can enjoy a full second life, we provide compulsory training on asset formation to employees from a young age. Age-matched curricula are provided for employees when they join the company and at age 30, 40, and 55 years, and support is given while enhancing systems that help in systematic asset formation in preparation for life events. Spouses may also participate in the training at 55 years old.

Subscriber premium rate* in defined contribution pension

  • 77.3%
  • *The subscriber premium is the premium that can be contributed voluntarily by subscribers themselves on top of the company premium
Support for a full second life Support for a full second life

Foster a sense of unity among employees

We are working to create a workplace culture in which employees feel pride and joy

Events are held to deepen workplace unity and ties with families and communities

Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. has held companywide ekiden races since 2015 with the aim of fostering a sense of unity in the workplace. In 2016 about 400 runners were cheered on by around 1,000 workplace colleagues and family members. While teams wanted a good placement, more then anything their participation raised workplace cohesiveness and communication, and after reaching the goal they were all smiles.

The TG Festival and Morimachi Noryo Festival are also held to deepen family bonds and exchanges with the company.

Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. owes much to employees’ families and the understanding and cooperation of people in the community, and we hold these events with feelings of gratitude and a spirit of hospitality.

Second companywide ekiden raceSecond companywide ekiden race
TG FestivalTG Festival
Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.’s strong sports teams

Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. has about 18 culture and athletic clubs for lively activities. Among them, the following three teams are particularly strong. We even have athletes aiming for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Toyoda Gosei athletes volunteer to visit local junior high schools and contribute to nurturing young children.

■‌Main sports team results

volleyball team
December 2015 Emperor's Cup champions
March 2016 V.League champions
December 2016 Emperor's Cup runner up
“Blue Falcon”
handball team
March 2016 Japan league, fifth place
September 2016 All Japan Nonprofessional Championship, fifth place
basketball team
November 2016 Playing in B League B3
  • Volleyball teamVolleyball team
  • Handball teamHandball team
  • Basketball teamBasketball team

Maintaining and improving mental and physical health

Toyoda Gosei implements measures to maintain and promote employees’mental and physical health.

■Health education system
Health education system
Advance prevention and early detection of mental health disorders

Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. provides regular mental health education for workers of each level, with emphasis on managers and supervisors to encourage management with a view to mental health in the workplace and smooth communication. A mental health bulletin is also distributed to all workers once a month to improve self-care abilities. In each place of business, counseling is provided by in-house occupational health nurses, medical nurses and external counselors to maintain and promote mental health. The decrease in the number of people seeking counseling is evidence of its steady effect.

In 2016, stress checks were conducted for all employees in accordance with revised law.

Enhanced health maintenance and promotion activities

Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. has long conducted health education for people at milestone ages and posted various educational materials to prevent lifestyle-related diseases. In 2016 we enhanced these health activities based on the thinking that the mental and physical health of all employees is essential for sustainable growth of the company. New activities include inviting external speakers to provide opportunities for employees to understand and think about health, and holding health and smoking cessation lecture meetings for executives and managers.

Measures to encourage actual healthy behaviors and not just the acquisition of knowledge include health activities in individual workplaces and the prohibition of smoking during designated working hours.

These activities and other efforts to consider employee health management from the perspective of company operation were recognized in February 2017 with certification as an “Outstanding Health Management Corporation—White 500” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi.*

健康経営優良法人ホワイト500 ※Nippon Kenko Kaigi : An organization formed to conduct effective activities in conjunction with private organizations and the full support of government agencies, in order to increase healthy lifespan and proper medical care for each person in Japan as the population rapidly ages and there are fewer children.

First health lecture meeting

Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. declared FY2016 the “First Year of Health,” strengthening efforts to maintain and improve health by raising the health awareness of each employee and providing opportunities for employees to transfer that awareness to their own activities. Lecture meetings are held for managers in each workplace on topics such as the importance of self-motivated exercise habits, introducing healthy behaviors and activities that can be done in each workplace to prevent lifestyle-related diseases.

Aiming for “Zero Accidents

Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. aims for zero accidents through Safe Personnel and Safe Workplace programs, with the president overseeing all efforts as the company’s general health and safety manager.

In the FY2016 Safe Personnel program, we found some workplaces where KYT (Kiken Yochi Training, the basis of safety education) had been conducted for many years and the purpose had become simply to hold drills. We therefore returned to the starting point of KYT and focused on improving the “ability to spot danger,” which is the first of four rounds, and enhanced educational methods for supervisors to operators.

In Safe Workplace activities, we checked for strict observation of safety measures for machine tools and industrial robots with the aim of eliminating major accidents, providing guidance as needed. In product shipping areas, solid barriers are used to separate workers from forklifts for safety. These types of activities are implemented at Toyoda Gosei Group companies worldwide.

  • Safety focus activity presentationSafety focus activity presentation
  • Safety KY DojoSafety KY Dojo

■Trends in rate of work accidents
(rate of injuries resulting in lost work time)

Trends in rate of work accidents (rate of injuries resulting in lost work time)

■Main activities in 2016

  • Building awareness in each individual, improving managers’ leadership ability
  1. Awareness through safety activities and presentations in each workplace
  2. Safety education and competency assessment for managers
  3. Work environment training for workplaces that handle organic solvents, other harmful substances
  • Remembrance/learning from past accidents to prevent recurrence
  • Application of OSHMS to improve safety activity management
  • Basic education in KYT (Kiken Yochi Training), with a return to the starting point
  • Adherence to safety measures for machine tools and industrial robots that can lead to major accidents.
  • Measures to prevent contact between workers and forklifts in shipping areas
  • Safety management in outsourced construction
  • Workplace safety declaration activities proposed by individuals

Creation of energetic workplaces where employees can work based on labormanagement trust and mutual responsibility

Based on the basic principle of mutual trust and responsibility in labor-management relations, the company and labor union discuss working conditions with the aim of creating better work place environments. Central labor- management conferences, division and center labor-management conferences, and departmental labor-management conferences are held regularly to improve communication between labor and management. In the departmental labormanagement conference in particular, department general managers and workplace representatives discuss problems or difficulties in the workplace with the aim of creating more pleasant workplaces.