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2019 70 anniversary


We aim to grow and develop while deepening our partnership with suppliers.

Collaboration with suppliers

Our partnerships with suppliers are very important to us for smooth business operations. Every April, Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. holds a procurement policy briefing with about 200 suppliers of products, machining processes, materials, facilities, and molds.
We inform suppliers of upcoming issues and efforts, including our business environment and direction, and share our procurement policy for the year with regard to safety, quality, delivery, price, technology, global expansion and CSR. We also give awards to show our appreciation to suppliers for achievements in their fields, while encouraging all suppliers to continue making progress. Every quarter, we hold a procurement liaison meeting with about 100 suppliers, where we share production information and information on quality improvements, compliance, safety, earthquake measures, confidentiality, chemical substance control and human resources development.

  • Procurement policy briefing, JapanProcurement policy briefing,
  • Procurement liaison meeting, ChinaProcurement liaison meeting,

Support for suppliers

We support strong supplier structures with "genchi, genbutsu" (go-and-see activities), and work for their growth. In addition to standardized work and defect prevention to avoid serious quality problems, and lowering of cost prices for higher competitiveness, we involve suppliers in mold and product design. Through sectional committee activities we share information necessary for quality improvements with suppliers. We also conduct checks and risk assessment for compliance with Japan's Industrial Safety and Health Act to help support the creation of safe workplaces and prevent fires and disasters.

Green procurement

We do our utmost for environmentally-friendly procurement based on our Green Procurement Guidelines (4th Edition), which consist of three compornents: establishing environmental management systems; improving regulatory compliance and environmental performance; and managing harmful substances. To reduce environmental impacts, we strive to enhance suppliers' internal organizations and systems and raise the level of their production activities. Positive results have been achieved, such as acquisition of ISO 14001 certification and reduction of energy consumption and waste. We comply with increasingly strict chemical substance regulations around the world and monitor the chemicals contained in items procured from suppliers. We also coordinate with suppliers in complying with European ELV (end-of-life vehicle) and REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) regulations, and in the management of volatile organic compounds.


Management seminar for suppliers

To support suppliers' efforts to improve their business performance, we have begun seminars to raise managers' abilities to ascertain and analyze actual business status. This year, one management level employee from each of 33 suppliers participated and heard a lecture on the topic of “Business management for the continuation of stable business relationships” from certified public accountants Kohei Kariya and Keisuke Ueda.

Management seminar for suppliers