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Leading-Edge Technologies Material- and Production-Technologies that Give our Products a Competitive Edge

In-house material development

Our Material Engineering Division conducts specialized development and analysis
to achieve the best rubber, plastic, and surface processed materials for each product,
resolving development issues from the materials aspect.

Feature 1

We develop materials with a superior balance of quality and cost, using our technologies for compounding and mixing rubber, plastic, and surface processed materials and additives.

Feature 2

Using world-class analysis technology, we assess materials under development at the level of molecular structure to determine performance and causes of defects.

Elemental technology for rubber and plastic materials

Problem solved: Making thinner-walled air cleaner hoses

Weight reduction is in high demand for automotive parts. Take air cleaner hoses for example. By simply making the walls thinner, product stiffness would be reduced at higher temperatures. We therefore developed highly rigid rubber material, with an original compound design. Our 30% lighter hoses display the same stiffness at both normal and high temperatures.

Temperature dependence of rigidity

Original production technologies

We develop production technologies and equipment in-house to achieve high-quality, low cost manufacturing.

Feature 1

Our Production Divisions work closely with the Material Engineering Division to develop production technologies that maximize material performance.

Feature 2

We fabricate our own equipment in-house for the best performance suited to the product.

Problem solved: Making a more compact weatherstrip extrusion process

Working to improve the extrusion forming process for weatherstrips, one of our major products, we succeeded in making it more compact while doubling the processing speed. At that time, the heating method and heating time, which greatly affect the chemical reactions in rubber, were issues that we resolved through original modifications.

Problem resolution: Making a more compact weatherstrip extrusion process