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Contributing to Environmental
Preservation Through
All Our Business Activities

Message from the Environment Division

Toyoda Gosei believes that environmental conservation activities are a key aspect of company management. Last year we announced the TG 2050 Environmental Challenge. We are currently advancing our 6th Environmental Action Plan (2020 targets) in working toward the goals of the TG 2050 Environmental Challenge.

As a manufacturer, we work every day to make improvements on our manufacturing floors. In addition to this, we are actively pursuing new initiatives including a new “in-house ESCO” expert team to identify places where we can reduce our environmental impact and a Production Technology Environment Subcommittee to develop environmentally-friendly processes and equipment from a production technology perspective.

Through a survey on employees’ environmental awareness and environmental exhibitions we aim to raise the environmental awareness of each employee and develop a culture where each person can take steps on his or her own.

In our plant afforestation program we have planted about 290,000 trees and are also undertaking the unique activity of creating biotopes using plant regulating ponds.

We will continue to actively pursue these efforts with the aim of being “Environmental TG,” which both delights our customers and is something we can be proud of for our children.

General Manager of the Environment Division Kazuhiko Nagao

Kazuhiko Nagao
General Manager of
the Environment Division

TG 2050 Environmental Challenge?A Greener, Richer World for Our Children

The Toyoda Gosei Group specializes in the field of high polymers?rubber and plastics. Our symbol is the benzene ring, a hexagonal hydrocarbon structure that is the starting point for polymers. Borrowing from the six sides of the benzene ring, the TG 2050 Environmental Challenge sets six challenges to strengthen our environmental efforts with a long-term view to the year 2050.

TG 2050 Environmental Challenge (Six Challenges)
TG 2050 Environmental Challenge (Six Challenges)
Efforts to date
Efforts to date

*1 Hydrofluorocarbons (HFC), perfluorocarbons (PFC), sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O)
*2 Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals Chemicals
*3 Substances of Concern
*4 Volatile organic compounds
*5 Pollutant Release and Transfer Register

Environmental Policy

1.Environmentally-friendly corporate activities

We are keenly aware that all stages of our business relate deeply to the environment, from development, production, and sales activities to end-of-life disposal. The Toyoda Gosei Group, including all internal departments, domestic and international affiliates, and suppliers, conducts all business activities with concern for the environment in cooperation and coordination with customers, government authorities, and others.

2.Good corporate citizenship

As a good corporate citizen, we participate in, support, and cooperate with environmental activities by many groups while also working on environmental activities in the community and broader society. We also provide education for all employees to support them in becoming involved in environmental activities as members of the community and society, and support social contributions and volunteerism.

3. While spreading information on these activities, we listen to the opinions of people at all levels of society and working to improve our activities wherever we can.

Environmental organization

Environmental policy and key action items are discussed and decided by an Environmental Committee headed by the President of Toyoda Gosei. The Environmental Committee consists of three subcommittees for products, production, and quality. Liaison committees and working groups from these subcommittees act in coordination to promote environmental protection and management from an expert perspective.

■Environmental organizational structure

Environmental organizational structure