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Sixth Environmental Action Plan Activities
and Results

Our efforts are focused in four areas: building low-carbon societies; building recycling societies; environmental preservation and building nature-friendly societies; and environmental management

Theme Measures Implemented
Reduction of CO2 emissions 【Products】
  • Engineering and development of lightweight rubber and plastic parts for improved automobile fuel efficiency and development of automotive LED products
  • Development of products and technologies in new fields corresponding to new energy trends
  • Daily kaizen in plants
  • More efficient equipment (LED lighting, upgraded utilities and air conditioning, etc.)
  • Development and introduction of innovative processes
  • Energy replacement
Item 2020 target
CO2 emissions per sales unit 12% decrease
vs. 2012
15% decrease
vs. 2012
17% decrease
vs. 2012
CO2 emissions 17% decrease
vs. 2012
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions by improving transportation efficiency
Item 2020 target
Toyoda Gosei Distribution CO2 emissions
per sales unit
8% decrease
vs. 2012
Reductions in 6 greenhouse gases*1
  • Magnesium, LED
Item 2020 target
Toyoda Gosei Emissions of 6 gases 62% decrease
vs. 2012
Contributions as a manufacturer
 of environmentally-friendly LEDs
  • Development and market launch of LED products
Building Recycling Societies Reductions in waste 【Products】
  • Engineering and technical development of products that are easily recyclable for effective use of resources
  • Reductions in raw materials with lighter weights
  • Measures against emissions sources by raising yield
  • Promotion of in-house recycling of rubber, plastic, metal, etc.
  • Making waste into resources
  • Japan: Continuation of moving toward zero landfill waste
    (Other countries: Activities to reduce landfill waste)
Item 2020 target
Waste volume per sales unit 10% decrease
vs. 2012
12% decrease
vs. 2012
Overseas affiliates 6% decrease
vs. 2013
  • Reduction in packing materials by reviewing packing and packaging specifications
Item 2020 target
Toyoda Gosei Packing material
used per sales unit
8% decrease
vs. 2012
Reduction and effective usage of water
  • Elimination of loss by visualization of water usage
  • Reduction of water use by recycling, such as reuse of wastewater
Item 2020 target
Water used per sales unit 8% decrease
vs. 2012
Overseas affiliates
Environmental Preservation and Building Environmentally-Friendly Societies Control/reduction
 of substances of concern
  • Promotion of global control
Reduction of VOCs*2
  • Substitution of paint, washing thinners
  • Amounts of these substances were optimized and decreased with new and reconsidered processes
Item 2020 target
VOC emissions per sales unit 6% decrease
vs. 2012
Reduction of exhaust gases
  • Adoption of low exhaust vehicles
Nature-friendly activities
 with ties to the community
  • Activities in conjunction with all of Toyota, government agencies,
    and NPOs
  • Expansion in the area of natural organism growth in
    the Toyoda Gosei Group (plant afforestation, biotopes)
Environmental contributions
 to the community
  • Contributing to local communities through environmental activities including leading-edge eco plants
Social contribution activities
 and support for related projects
  • Community beautification with a global cleanup
  • Support for related projects (Toyota Shirakawa-Go Eco-Institute, Japan Business and Biodiversity Partnership)
Contributions to environmental policy
  • Contributions to environmental policy and reductions of affiliated organizations (Japan Auto Parts Industries Association, Japan Rubber Manufacturers Association, others)
Environmental Management Consolidated
 environmental management
  • Enhancement of consolidated environmental management activities globally

  • Strengthened compliance management

  • Activities to reduce environmental impacts
Coordinated environmental activities
 with business partners
  • Enhanced activities in coordination with materials and parts suppliers
  • Enhanced control of substances of concern included in parts,
    raw materials, and production equipment supplied to Toyoda Gosei
  • Compliance with environmental regulations at suppliers and requests for voluntary activities to improve environmental performance
Stronger employee training
 and education activities globally
  • Activities to raise employees’ environmental awareness
  • Systematic environmental education
  • Environment Month activities spread globally
  • Information and education through in-house newsletters and other activities
Active disclosure of environmental
 information and enhanced
 communication activities
  • Enhanced provision of product environmental technology
  • Continued publication and enhanced content of the Toyoda Gosei Report (once/year)
  • Enhanced environmental communication activities
  • Information disclosure to assessment organizations whenever possible

*1 Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC), perfluorocarbon (PFC), sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), nitrogen trifluoride (NF3)

*2 VOC:Volatile Organic Compounds