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Environmental Preservation and
Building Environmentally-Friendly

Together with efforts for environmental preservation, we recognize the importance of environmental protection and biodiversity and are working to build a society that lives in harmony with nature.

Control and reduction of substances of concern

Strengthened control of chemicals contained in products

Regulations on chemical substances that impact the environment are becoming stricter each year. One example is the European REACH*1 regulations on the safe use, handling, and application of chemical substances. An increasing number of countries are also establishing new regulations, and automakers are stiffening self-imposed regulations.

Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. manages about 5,500 chemical substances under domestic and overseas regulations, automakers’ own self-imposed regulations, and our own in-house regulations.

In FY2016, we monitored the trends in the 2019 European REACH regulations and EU RoHS*4 Directive so that we will be able to respond quickly when these laws are amended. To respond to demands from automakers in various countries, an expert team has been organized for global comprehensive management of chemical substances, creating mechanisms and developing systems for use in Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. We will continue introducing such mechanisms and systems where they are not yet in place.

  • *1 Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals
■Chemical substance regulations in each region
Chemical substance regulations in each region
  • *2 Restrictions on the use of substances of concern contained in automobile parts and materials
  • *3 ELV appendix
  • *4 Restrictions on the use of specific hazardous substances contained in electrical and electronic equipment
  • *5 Substances of high concern
Reduced use of substances of concern in production processes

In production processes, we are switching to water-based paint and release agents, making painting lines more compact, improving coating efficiency, abolishing the acetone that was previously used in washing after LED chip supplier polishing, and reducing substances subject to the Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). We are sharing information on examples of reducing VOCs on site at plants to promote VOC reduction activities.

Percent decrease in VOC emissions per sales unit FY2016 (Compared against 2012)

  • Japan, consolidated20% decrease
  • Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.7% decrease

■Volumes and flow of emitted PRTR substances

Volumes and flow of emitted PRTR substances
■VOC emissions/emissions per sales unit (index)*8

Japan, consolidated

Japan, consolidated

Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.

Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.
  • *8 Emissions per sales unit (index) is a figure obtained taking FY2012 as 100

Activities for living with nature that build ties with the community

“Plant Afforestation” projects at locations worldwide

Together with local communities, we create environments that coexist with nature. In this program, trees of various species suited to the local environment are planted at high density. They grow through competition, becoming “true woodlands” that are resistant to natural disasters. Employees, their families, and community members participate in the tree planting, and various events conducted on the planting day are organized to foster solidarity among participants. After the tree-planting, employees continue to manage the planted areas, weeding and recording observations of tree growth. Seedlings grown from seeds in the company are used in planting events. In FY2016, trees were planted at TG Minto Corp. and the Nishimizoguchi Plant in Japan, brining the total over eight years to approximately 290,000 trees in 25 locations worldwide.

No. of trees (cumulative)(2009?2016)

  • Approx. 290,000
Plant Afforestation

■State of growth

  • State of growthHeiwacho Plant / Japan
    November 2009 tree planting
  • State of growthHeiwacho Plant / Japan
    May 2016

■Tree planting events

  • Tree Planting EventTG Minto Corp. / Canada
    Tree planting September 2016
  • Tree Planting EventNishimizoguchi Plant / Japan
    Tree planting May 2016
Biotope creation using Heiwacho Plant regulating pond

Based on the idea of raising environmental awareness through activities to protect nearby nature and creatures in the local environment, the Miwa Technical Center established a biotope pond in one corner of the plant grounds in FY2014. In FY2015, the Toyoda Gosei Group formulated biodiversity guidelines, which are important in conducting nature-friendly activities. Activities are also conducted in conjunction with Toyota Group, government agencies and NPOs. One is the creation of biotopes using factory regulating ponds. Biotope creation began with a survey of the ecosystem around the Heiwacho Plant, and ultimately we are looking to spread this activity to other companies and plants.

As advance preparation, the current regulating pond was surveyed. Non-native plants were exterminated and fragrant eupatorium were grown to inhibit the propagation of non-native species. Further biological surveys and area development will be done in coordination with the Toyota Group and the Bisai Seibu Ecosystem Network Council.*9

  • *9 One of nine councils in Aichi Prefecture, established in November 2016. It consists of 45 NPOs, schools and other organizations in western Bisai, and is active in forming ecosystem networks in the western Bisai region.
  • Elimination of non-native speciesElimination of non-native species
  • Waterway after dredgingWaterway after dredging
Conceptual drawing