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Environmental Management

We have ongoing employee training and education programs for environmental preservation.

Strengthening coordinated environmental management

Environmental activities

The entire Toyoda Gosei Group pursues environmental management. We began collecting environmental data from Japanese affiliates in 2001 and from international affiliates in 2003. Based on that data (CO2 emissions, waste volumes, water usage volumes, VOC emissions), we set annual targets and carry out reduction activities. In FY2016, Group companies collaborated strongly in conducting these activities.

■Production sites targeted for environmental activities
Toyoda Gosei Affiliates in Japan
  • Haruhi Plant
  • Nishimizoguchi Plant
  • Seto Plant
  • Inazawa Plant
  • Bisai Plant
  • Kitakyushu Plant
  • Saga Plant
  • Morimachi Plant
  • Heiwacho Plant
    Kanagawa Plant
  • Fukuoka Plant
  • Ichiei Kogyo Co., Ltd.
  • Hinode Gomu Kogyo Co., Ltd.
  • Hoshin Gosei Co., Ltd.
  • Toyoda Gosei Interior Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • Kaiyo Gomu Co., Ltd.
  • TG Opseed Co., Ltd.
  • TGAP Co., Ltd.
    TS Opto Co., Ltd.
    TG East Japan Co., Ltd.
Overseas Affiliates

■North America〈 Regional headquarters: Toyoda Gosei North America Corp.〉

  • TG Missouri Corporation
  • TG Kentucky, LLC
  • TG Automotive Sealing Kentucky, LLC
  • TG Fluid Systems USA Corporation
  • Toyoda Gosei Texas, LLC
  • Waterville TG Inc.
  • TG Minto Corporation
  • TAPEX Mexicana S.A. de C.V.
  • Toyoda Gosei Automotive Sealing Mexico S.A. de C.V.
  • GDBR Industria e Comercio de Componentes Quimicos e de Borracha Ltda.

■Asia and Oceania〈 Regional headquarters: Toyoda Gosei Asia Co., Ltd. 〉

  • Toyoda Gosei (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • Toyoda Gosei Rubber (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • Toyoda Gosei Haiphong Co., Ltd.
  • Toyoda Gosei South India Pvt. Ltd.
  • P. T. Toyoda Gosei Safety Systems Indonesia
  • Toyoda Gosei Minda India Private Limited
  • Fong Yue Co., Ltd.
  • Toyoda Gosei Australia Pty. Ltd.

■China〈 Regional headquarters: Toyoda Gosei (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 〉

  • Tianjin Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.
  • Tianjin Star Light Rubber and Plastic Co., Ltd.
  • Toyoda Gosei (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd.
  • Toyoda Gosei (Zhangjiagang) Plastic Parts Co., Ltd.
  • Toyoda Gosei (Foshan) Rubber Parts Co., Ltd.
  • Toyoda Gosei (Foshan) Auto Parts Co., Ltd
  • Toyoda Gosei (Tianjin) Precise Plastic Co., Ltd.

■Europe and Africa

  • Toyoda Gosei UK Ltd.
  • Toyoda Gosei Czech, s.r.o.
  • Toyoda Gosei South Africa (Pty) Ltd.
  • Acquired ISO 14001 certification. New companies and main plants aim to acquire ISO 14001 within three years of starting operation
Establishment of environmental management system for overseas affiliates

Environmental oversight bodies for stricter environmental management were established in the Chinese region in 2010, the remaining Asian region in 2014, and in North America in 2015.

In FY2016, the different regional environmental headquarters were gathered for a mini-summit. Information is also shared through regular teleconferences to enhance coordination.

■First environmental mini-summit held

An environmental mini-summit was held at the Kitajima Technical Center and Inazawa Plant in Japan in November 2016. The participants were about 20 people from regional headquarters Toyoda Gosei North America Corp. and Toyoda Gosei Asia Co., Ltd., and Toyoda Gosei Czech, s.r.o representing European locations. To strengthen global management in order to achieve the targets of the 6th Environmental Action Plan and the TG 2050 Environmental Challenge, participants reconfirmed and deepened their understanding of the need for environmental activities and the roles of regional environmental headquarters. Good examples from various locations were also shared and a plant tour (Inazawa Plant) was held to show examples of decreasing the environmental burden.

  • Sharing good examples at each locationSharing good examples at each location
  • Site tour showing examples of reduction (Inazawa Plant)Site tour showing examples of reduction (Inazawa Plant)
Environmental audits

Audits are conducted to assess whether environmental management systems are properly run

■ISO 14001 environmental audit

Internal environmental audits are carried out by audit teams composed of members from business areas outside those being audited in order to raise the independence and objectivity of the audits. Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. commissions external reviews by the Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA) to assess whether our environmental management systems are run properly in accordance with ISO14001. In 2016 these external environmental audits again found no issues at Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. or affiliates in Japan.

  • External environmental review / Morimachi PlantExternal environmental review / Morimachi Plant
  • Internal environmental audit / Ogawa Industry Co., Ltd.Internal environmental audit / Ogawa Industry Co., Ltd.
■Overseas environmental audit

Environmental audits were performed and improvements were made from FY2014 to FY2015 at international locations.

In FY2016, voluntary inspections were made at each overseas location and on-site environmental audits were made by international regional environmental headquarters.

Activities to eliminate compliance and environmental violations and complaints

Environmental inspections are made at all of our offices each year for maintenance and management. We also analyze problems that occur at other companies, inspect similar facilities, and take preventive measures at both domestic and international affiliates to make sure that we do not experience similar problems. In FY2016 inspections were performed by plant general managers and the Environment Division General Manager. Wastewater facilities were a special focus in these inspections, and preventive measures were taken.

Proper disposal and storage of equipment containing PCBs

Law mandates that toxic and persistent polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) must be treated by March 2027. Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. began outsourcing this treatment in FY2006, and by FY2016 PCB waste from 834 transformers and capacitors had been treated. Treatment of high-concentration PCB waste (725 mercury lamp ballasts and other equipment, 1.6 t) was completed in July 2016. This completed the treatment of all high-concentration PCB waste at the company. We are continuing efforts to systematically treat low-concentration PCB waste that has not yet been treated.

Category Type No. of units treated Treated weight
High concentration PCB waste material
(PCB levels: >5,000 mg/kg)
Ballast, power capacitors, etc. 795 units 6.8t
Low concentration PCB waste material
(PCB levels: 0.5–5,000 mg/kg)
Transformers, power capacitors, etc. 39 units 60.1t
  • PCB treatmentPCB treatment
Soil and ground water conservation

We carefully monitor and treat soil and groundwater contamination from toxic substances such as trichloroethylene, which was formerly used as a cleaning agent. We have established observation wells at each plant, and regularly confirm that there is no soil or groundwater pollution from toxic substances and oils.

Location Target Status of corrective measures
Haruhi Plant Groundwater Purification in progress (proactive treatment, as contamination from off-site sources is possible)
Inazawa Plant Groundwater Because substances we have no history of using have been detected, regular reports to the government contain results of measurements only
* Results below reference values since 2010(government reports concluded in FY2012)

Enhancement of global employee training and education

Environmental education

Toyoda Gosei educates employees on environmental problems including the destruction of nature and environmental pollution, the impacts on the environment of production activities, and compliance with environmental regulations. The content each year emphasizes understanding and practices based on legal trends, with examples incorporated to create specific and understandable teaching materials.

■Environmental education system

Level-specific training

Level-specific training

ISO Education

ISO Education
■Education to improve skills of environmental staff

In FY2016, environmental staff from affiliated companies in Japan and other countries were educated on the trends in environmental activities in the world and the content of environmental efforts.

In July 2016, training of local staff was conducted for Toyoda Gosei Asia Co., Ltd., Toyoda Gosei (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and Toyoda Gosei Rubber (Thailand) Co., Ltd. The focus was on raising knowledge related to environmental management work and reducing environmental impacts. Examples were also shared.

Additionally, experts in CO2 reduction and ISO taught environmental managers from Toyoda Gosei (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in August and from Toyoda Gosei North America Corp. in November. In Japan, environmental education was conducted for environmental staff of TG East Japan Co., Ltd. We will continue environmental education centered on staff of regional environmental headquarters.

  • On-site tour of waste management (Morimachi Plant)On-site tour of waste management (Morimachi Plant)
Environmental education activities

Toyoda Gosei conducts mainly participation-based environmental activities to help employees maintain an environmental awareness that can be translated into action.

■Educational programs for Environment Month

During Environment Month in June of 2016, we conducted educational activities using posters and in-house bulletins. At the same time, we sought imaginative and original proposals from employees to improve environmental friendliness and gave awards for outstanding improvements. In July we held an “Energy-Saving Exhibition” to show efforts to save energy and reduce waste. The latest items were introduced with environmental improvement activities from inside and outside the company and the help of specialists. Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. and affiliates in Japan also conducted on-site “environmental management inspections.”

  • Environmental exhibitionEnvironmental exhibition
  • Internal bulletinInternal bulletin
■Environmental awareness survey

Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. conducted its first environmental awareness survey of all employees in Japan. A questionnaire on awareness of environmental trends and Toyoda Gosei’s environmental activities found that even though environmental awareness was high, recognition of the company’s environmental activities was low. It was also found that the environmental awareness of employees tended not to be tied to practice. Based on the survey results, we will make more active approaches to general employees and implement measures that will lead to concrete environmental activities. The survey will also be expanded globally.

■Environmental contribution awards

Our “Environmental Contribution Award” system promotes environmental awareness and activities, awarding prizes for the most significant results to companies and departments in three divisions: Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. plants/offices, production preparation departments, and domestic affiliates.

In 2015, the award in the plant/office division was given to the Nishimizoguchi Plant for visualization of peak electricity and achieving targets for reducing environmental impacts. The award in the production preparation category was given to the FC Production Engineering Division for innovative techniques and product planning and engineering that effectively reduced environmental impacts in mass-produced products. Among domestic affiliates, Ichie Kogyo Co., Ltd. was awarded for achieving environmental impact reduction targets with companywide environmental activities, while Hoshin Gosei Co., Ltd. was awarded for reviewing contracts with the electric power liberalization and actively pursuing CO2 reductions utilizing power companies.

■Environmental forum

An “Environmental Forum” was held in February 2017 with the aim of raising employees’ environmental awareness. Results of the environmental awareness survey were reported and the need for activities to reach environmental targets was emphasized. To raise environmental awareness, a presentation entitled “Trends in expanding renewable energy to achieve a low-carbon society” was given by the president of the Institute of Energy Strategy. A talk was also given by rakugo performer Unpei Hayashiya on simple ways to solve environmental problems today from Edo era environmental recycling.

  • Environmental forumEnvironmental forum
  • Rakugo performer Unpei HayashiyaRakugo performer Unpei Hayashiya
■Green curtains

Goya (bitter gourd) and cucumber plants are grown each summer to create “green curtains” that cover the south sides of buildings. The purpose is to both raise employees’ environmental awareness and reduce summer energy use. In FY2016, we again held a “Green Curtain Contest” for the best green curtains. Entries were received from five companies/11 locations in the “office category,” and from 21 people in the “individual category.” Three offices and three individuals received awards. In August the goya and cucumbers from these curtains were prepared for employees to eat and enjoy.

In the “Aichi Green Curtain Contest” sponsored by Aichi Prefecture, the green curtains at our Heiwacho Plant were selected in the “Office Division Excellence Award,” and an award was received from Aichi governor Hideaki Omura.

Heiwacho PlantHeiwacho Plant
Receiving an award from Governor Omura (left)Receiving an award from Governor Omura (left)
Goya tastingGoya tasting