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特集2 持続的成長に向け グローバルで活躍できる人材を育成
The TG Learning Center was established to play a core role in personnel development

As the business environment undergoes huge changes, it is often said that developing the kinds of people who can support the company in these new environments is essential to surviving the competition in the global marketplace and achieving sustainable growth. For the continuing growth of the company, TG is developing people who can thrive in international settings a nd specialty fields in the future. As a manufacturing company, it is also important to develop people with the skills to handle future changes in production processes with the spread of IoT and AI technology.

The TG Learning Center was established in January 2017 as a special training organization for Toyoda Gosei and Group employees, focusing on the three areas of improving basic skills in office and technical occupations, strengthening personnel development for manufacturing workers, and promoting personnel development globally. We are working to reform training programs and rebuild skill improvement training with the fundamental aim of developing people who can think and act for themselves̶the kinds of people who are needed for sustainable growth̶and creating a company-wide personnel development culture.

■Three major areas of personnel development

Three major areas of personnel development
Overhauling training for each employee level to develop people who can
think and act for themselves and will thrive in any country

One of the tasks of the TG Learning Center is to review the level-specific training at Toyoda Gosei. By clarifying the goals of education for each level in office and technical work, and at the same time moving the timing of training forward for each age group, we are trying to raise ability levels and broaden outlooks from a younger age. For the skilled workers who support the manufacturing floor, emphasis is on the training of workers who have the skills to continuously produce good products and the ability to implement and teach kaizen. We want to nurture “T-type” workers who also have knowledge of IoT and AI. We aim to raise motivation by having workers participate in Skills Olympics, holding in-house skills competitions, and establishing an awards system to create a culture that values skill. We are also aiming to develop a “coaching middle” of workers at the group manager level with the coaching ability to draw out the best from subordinates, and strategic leaders at the department general manager and deputy general manager level who have task formation and problem-solving skills and who keep close track of movements outside the company. Another aim is to develop people who can thrive internationally.

■Level-specific education system

Level-specific education system
Message from the TG Learning Center
Message from the TG Learning Center

We have overhauled our levelspecific training programs to provide stepwise training from a young age for better strategic thinking, coaching ability, and independent thought and action.

In FY2017 we have created an image of the kind of person Toyoda Gosei would like to have, and are taking steps to develop those kinds of persons. We are further enhancing our education system with management training for overseas staff and global training with the aim of developing people who can head our international locations.

Message from the TG Learning Center

The type of person we are looking for on the manufacturing floor is a true master technician, who can work well with people from other countries, give process kaizen advice, and deal with process changes as technology advances. For that purpose we cultivate manufacturing personnel from the perspectives of skills improvement and skilled workplace vitalization.

In skills improvement, our challenge is to redefine skills and create a skills traning ebviroment,hold skills competitions, and pre pare for the Skills Olympics (punching die work). In skilled workplace vitalization, workers are encouraged to acquire qualifications as motivation to improve their skills, which we think will lead to a companywide culture of valuing skilled work.

Message from executive in charge

Our aim is for true globalization in manufacturing with a view toward environmental changes

The TG Learning Center was established as an organization dedicated to the development of TG personnel.Up to this time we have handled shop floor manufacturing with simple on-the-job training, but one of the roles of the TG Learning Center will be to help us adapt to the advances in control and information technology and increasing robotics and automated equipment. In addition to learning new technologies, we are codifying the skills that have been passed to us by our predecessors in order to build a foundation that will enable all skilled workers to acquire these accumulated skills. In a globally expanding business, we need to be a company that prospers together with the people of each country or region, contributes to economic and social progress and happiness, and satisfies our customers. We hope the TG Learning Center will play a central role in creating organizations and cultures in which each person carries the TG spirit to build a TG for each country while learning from the local people.

Director, Managing Officer Chief of Corporate Management Headquarters Toshihiro Yokoi

Toshihiro Yokoi
Director, Managing Officer Chief of Corporate
Management Headquarters