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Intellectual property activities

The Toyoda Gosei Group policy of “Delivering safety, comfort and well-being to customers through intellectual property activities in cooperation with the Toyoda Gosei Group, based on compliance with laws and contracts” includes the following behavioral guidelines: (1) acquire intellectual property rights and use and manage them effectively based on a long-term perspective, (2) prevent infringement of and respect other companies’ intellectual property rights, and (3) continuously improve engineers’ intellectual property skills and actively innovate.

In FY2020, 213 Toyoda Gosei patents were registered in Japan and 149 in other countries.

We also began efforts toward a business strategy established through the accumulation and analysis of intellectual property information and non-intellectual property information based on the IP landscape.* We will continue these efforts in activities that contribute to the planning of our management strategy, including new business and new product plans.

At the same time, ongoing efforts include application activities and patent guarantee activities in line with each business area and development project, development of human resources through employee education, and raising awareness of intellectual property.

  • * The IP landscape refers to (1) performing analyses that incorporate intellectual property information into management and business information, and (2) sharing the results (overview of current status, future outlook, etc.) with executives and business managers. (From the definition by the IP Landscape Promotion Council.)
■No. of patents held (as of the end of the fiscal year)
No. of patents held (as of the end of the fiscal year)
■No. of patent registration cases
No. of patent registration cases