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Basic philosophy

Toyoda Gosei’s management philosophy states, “We promote business operations with integrity through the establishment of a system founded on thorough compliance and corporate ethics.” We strive for thorough compliance in all areas based on this philosophy

The Toyoda Gosei Group Charter for Business Ethics sets forth shared values and behavioral standards for the entire Toyoda Gosei Group worldwide, and Group companies in Japan and other countries formulate their own behavioral guidelines based on the Charter. Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. has also established the Toyoda Gosei Guidelines for Business Ethics, which it expects every employee to follow, and has worked to familiarize all employees with these guidelines.

Compliance system

Toyoda Gosei has established the Compliance and Risk Management Committee with the Company’s president serving as chairman and all company officers as members. Together with compliance advocates in each division, the committee works for thorough compliance with a unified approach between management and the workplace.

In Japan, regular compliance liaison conferences are held with Group companies. Group companies in other countries have established compliance committees, appointed compliance advocates, or set up other compliance systems suited to the circumstances in their region and company. Compliance activities are carried out in coordination with Toyoda Gosei.

Specific efforts

■Compliance consultation office

To identify and resolve compliance problems at an early stage, Toyoda Gosei has established internal and external compliance consultation services offices and an internal harassment consultation office.

Group companies in Japan have their own consultation offices, in addition to which they have established a joint external compliance consultation office together with Toyoda Gosei. Group companies in other countries have established external or internal consultation offices.

■Compliance activity checks and kaizen

Toyoda Gosei conducts compliance entrenchment questionnaires of all employees each year to confirm penetration of compliance transparency and whether there are signs of violations. Kaizen activities are then conducted based on the results.

For Group companies in Japan and other countries, a voluntary check sheet is used to check their basic policy and systems for compliance, the status of compliance with important laws including anti-trust laws and bribery and corruption laws, and risks in key areas such as human resources, finance, sales, procurement, safety, and quality. Based on the results, kaizen activities are conducted.

■Efforts to prevent violations of anti-trust laws

Toyoda Gosei has prepared guidelines for Japan and key regions where Group companies are located (United States, EU, China, Thailand, India, Brazil, and others), and is undertaking efforts globally to prevent anti-competitive acts at Toyoda Gosei Group companies.

Specific behavioral guidelines that Toyoda Gosei expects employees to follow in various business activities, especially sales activities, are embodied in the Codes of Conduct for Antitrust Law Compliance in the Company’s internal regulations, and thorough compliance is expected of employees.

Continuing education activities are also conducted through special training in competition laws and regular compliance training for each level within the Company.

■Anti-bribery efforts

Toyoda Gosei has formulated Global Anti-Bribery Guidelines as a common guide to conducting transparent and sound business activities globally, and is doing its utmost to prevent bribery and corruption at all Toyoda Gosei Group companies. Education activities are continuously conducted for employees through training for each level and risk.

Compliance training (international Group company)

Compliance training
(international Group company)