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Toyoda Gosei Group Charter for Business Ethics

Ⅰ. Our Company's Social Responsibility

We strive to offer useful and safe products and services to society in order to act with trust and understanding from stakeholders (shareholders, investors, business partners, customers, local communities, employees, etc.) and to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society. In addition, in order to prevent misconduct in advance, we will strive to develop and build internal controls and thoroughly implement corporate ethics.

Ⅱ. Relationship between Our Company and Our Employees
1. Creating a Healthy, Employee-friendly Workplace

We strive to cooperate with one another, to work efficiently and diligently. In addition, respecting human rights and diversity, character, and personality of individuals, without discriminatory acts and harassment acts, we strive to create a healthy, safe and employee-friendly work place through a positive relationship between employees and management, based on international norms, including the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” and the “UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights”.

2. Management of Company Assets and Confidential Matters

Company assets (both tangible and intangible) should be subject to proper control and we must not use them for any non-work related purpose. Understanding that company’s confidential information is the source of our ability to compete in the industry, we strive to prevent the leaking of any confidential information to outsiders through appropriate information management. Personal information and the confidential information of other companies should not be obtained through improper methods, and for such information obtained through proper methods, we strive to handle them appropriately.

Ⅲ. Company Business Activities
1. Development and Production Activities

In order to provide appealing products and/or services in response to requests from customers around the world, we strive to become the “Toyoda Gosei Group of safety, quality and technology”, enhance our technical development capabilities in product planning and production engineering, and realize an added-value improvement through manufacturing innovation at the production site through TPS philosophy.

2. Sales Activities

We strive to place customers first and give priority to the needs of our customers and consumers while striving to conduct business activities based on fair and free competition (by complying with the anti-monopoly act and competition law).

3. Procurement Activities

We will conduct procurement activities that are open, impartial and fair to the suppliers and will not engage in transactions using the advantageous position as the orderer of goods and services.

In addition, we will engage in efforts over the entire supply chain to move toward the realization of a sustainable society.

4. Global Business Activities

As a global company, we will comply with relevant laws of each country and international rules, respect local customs and culture, and strive for business activities rooted in each country/region.

5. Environmental Preservation Activities

We are committed to protecting the environment across all of our business activities. In order to achieve carbon neutrality and a circular economy, we will strive to work with customers, suppliers, communities and governments.

Ⅳ. Relationship with the Society
1. Corporate Communication Activities

Through continuous, proactive, effective and fair disclosure/providing of corporate information to a wide range of stakeholders, we strive to promote public relations activities as a company the community can trust.

2. Social Contribution Activities

We strive to become appreciated as a “good corporate citizen” that is trusted by and co-exists with the community, through active contributions to society.

3. Crisis management

Against the various crises threatening civic life and corporate activities such as natural disasters, accidents, incidents, antisocial forces, etc., with thorough systematic crisis management and the prevention of such crisis, we strive to minimize the damage of crisis by quick initial response and restoration activities in the event of a crisis.

4. Relations with the Government

In our dealings with governments, public offices, political parties and public officials, we will comply with the applicable domestic and international laws that prohibit corrupt practices, including bribery, and strive to maintain transparent, healthy, and fair relationships by avoiding any actions that may be misconstrued by society as “back-scratching” or collusion.

Ⅴ. Private Activities
1. Sound and Healthy Social Life

We not only obey laws and regulations, but also strive to lead a sound and healthy private life in the light of commonly accepted ideas and sense of morality.

2. Prohibition against Insider Trading

We strive to maintain the strict confidence of the insider information of our company or other publicly traded companies and refrain from buying or selling stocks in such company based on the insider information until the relevant information becomes public.

3. Safe Driving Practices

As a member of an automotive-related industry, we strive to maintain safe driving standards higher than those of the public.

All employees will have a safety mindset, and strive to push forward the campaign for minimizing traffic accidents.