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What is “woodland creation” at Toyoda Gosei?

The woodland creation activities at Toyoda Gosei follow the idea of “native forests” advocated by Professor Akira Miyawaki.
Here is a description of Prof. Miyawaki’s proposed “native forests.”

Professor Akira Miyawaki (1928 - 2021)

Professor Akira Miyawaki (1928 - 2021)

Professor Miyawaki oversaw the planting of more than 30 million trees in over 1,600 locations worldwide. His significant achievements have been recognized by Japan’s Medal with Purple Ribbon and the Blue Planet Award, called the Nobel prizes of the environmental field, of which he is the first Japanese recipient.

  • The roles of forests
  • What is a “native forest”?
  • Keys in creating native forests
  • Steps in the creation of native forests
  • Forest creation helps people to grow