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Employee Relations


We strive to create secure and inspiring workplaces for employees based on respect for their humanity, with the highest priority on safety.

Personnel development

A global workforce of employees who think and act independently

To raise the collective strength of Toyoda Gosei globally, we are striving to develop people who can contribute to that end and to create workplace environments where each employee can display his or her full abilities.

■Three key areas of personnel dev elopment

Three key areas of personnel dev elopment
Framework for personnel development that supports growth

In the Toyoda Gosei Group, our personnel management system features aspiration interviews and visualization of mid- and long-term career design for each employee, as well as rotation of young employees so that they experience a wide range of work. We are also enhancing our level-specific and specialty training to give employees opportunities to acquire needed abilities and skills.

■Personnel development cycle

Personnel development cycle
■Level-specific education s ystem
Level-specific education s ystem

Enhanced training programs, invigorated personnel development

A broad range of efforts based on individual career visions are underway, including measures and study programs in Japan to develop people who can perform globally and nextgeneration leaders, and personnel development programs for all global employees.

Enhanced training programs, invigorated personnel development

Training manufacturing personnel

With the aim of strengthening our production floors, the source of our competitiveness as a manufacturing company, we are enhancing technical education for employees of each level working at manufacturing sites and in each field of expertise. Technical education spanning four months was provided to 51 skilled workers who joined the company in April 2018. Following training in safety basics on the production floor (danger simulations) and basic manufacturing education including practical training in die maintenance, fabrication of two-legged walking robots, and disassembling and reassembling automobiles, they received practical training on a manufacturing shop floor for two months.

New employee trainingNew employee training

Work-style reforms

From FY2017 we began efforts to make work more efficient with the use of IT and reviews of meeting structures with the aim of every employee thoroughly executing his or her essential tasks. Overall activities entailing a range of efforts to change the way we work are conducted for work-style reforms. To deal with changes with a sense of speed and raise the quality of work, we are communicating more closely than ever before in the workplace, eliminating waste, and adopting a working style with a varied pace.

■The keys of workstyle reforms

The keys of workstyle reforms
Conference on work-style reform and better communicationConference on work-style reform and better communication
Regular meetings of work-style reform leadersRegular meetings of work-style reform leaders

■Examples of work-style reform activities

Perspective Item Efforts
Concentration on essential work Establishment of a concentration time
  • ・11:00 to 12:00 each day is set as “concentration time” (as a rule, NO meetings, NO telephoning, NO instruction. Workers are notified with music played at 11:00 a.m.)
Increased work efficiency Review of meeting structure
  • ・Abolishment of preliminary meetings, minimization of the number of participants, time, and frequency
  • ・Thorough reinforcement in observing company rules and etiquette
Arrangements, meetings forbidden from going beyond the fixed time
  • ・Going beyond the fixed time every Wednesday and Friday is forbidden as a rule
Work kaizen using
IT tools
  • ・Reduction of travel time, increased work speed (introduction of mobile teleconferences, etc.)
  • ・Task automation with RPA*1
Workplace management kaizen
  • ・Training in workplace management and work process kaizen
Work-style with varied pace Encouraging people to take annual vacation
  • ・Encourage general workplace employees to take full annual leave and 3-day weekends
  • ・Set annual vacation targets for key positions and monitor whether this vacation is taken
  • *1 Robotic process automation

Activity promotion characterActivity promotion character

Educational poster Educational poster

Examples of work-style reform activitiesTo encourage interactions among work areas, glassed-in meeting spaces are set up in the center of the floor.

Workplaces that welcome people with disabilities

Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. actively employs persons with disabilities. The Committee for Employment of People with Disabilities plays a central role in hiring, job assignments, education, establishment of stable positions, and awareness. We place particular emphasis on helping persons with disabilities establish stable positions and improving the work environment with the installation of Braille blocks, elevators, voice guidance, and Carry Dun emergency stair evacuation chairs based on periodic interviews to understand current situations. In FY2017, 125 people with disabilities were hired (as of January 1, 2018). This was a hiring rate of 2.41% (legally mandated employment rate ≥2.0%).

Communication with sign language in the workplaceCommunication with sign language in the workplace

■Changes in employment rate for people with disabilities
  (Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.)

Changes in employment rate for people with disabilities (Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.)
Creation of an environment for stable work after retirement

We have established an environment so that employees can work with assurance after retirement in a post-retirement rehiring system. Many people can make use of their high levels of skill and experience after they are rehired. A system of reduced working days and working hours supports working styles for a good work-life balance.

■Trend in cumulative number of re-employed retirees

Trend in cumulative number of re-employed retirees
Support for a full second life

So that employees who have worked so hard for the company can enjoy a full second life, we provide compulsory training on asset formation to employees from a young age. Age-matched curricula are provided for employees when they join the company and at age 30, 40, and 55 years, and support is given while enhancing systems that help in systematic asset formation in preparation for life events. Spouses may also participate in the training at 55 years old.

Support for a full second life Support for a full second life
Events to deepen workplace unity and ties with families and communities

Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. has held companywide ekiden distance relay races since 2015 with the aim of fostering a sense of unity in the workplace. In 2018 about 1,200 runners were cheered on by 1,500 workplace colleagues and family members.

The TG Festival and Morimachi Noryo Festival are also held to deepen family bonds and community relations. We hold these events with a spirit of hospitality and gratitude and for the ongoing support, understanding and cooperation we receive.

companywide ekiden racecompanywide ekiden race
TG FestivalTG Festival
Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.’s strong sports teams

Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. has about 18 culture and athletic clubs for lively activities. Among them, the following three teams are particularly strong. We even have athletes aiming for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Toyoda Gosei athletes volunteer to visit local junior high schools and contribute to nurturing young children.

■Main sports team results

volleyball team
  • ・League: Champions (once, 2015-16), Second place (twice, 2016-17, 2017-18)
  • ・Emperor’s Cup: Champions, (once, 2015), Second place (once, 2016)
  • ・Kurowashiki: Second place (once, 2007)
  • ・National Tournament: Champions (twice, 2012, 2013), Second place (once, 2014)
  • ・Asian Club Championship: Second place (2017)
“Blue Falcon”
handball team
  • ・League: Fourth place (2017-18, [regular season third place])
  • ・Japan Handball Championship:Champions (2019)
  • ・All-Japan Amateur Championship: Fourth place (2017), fifth place (2016, 2017)
basketball team
  • ・League: Currently plays in the B.League third division (since 2016)
  • ・All-Japan Amateur Championship: Champions (2005)
Volleyball teamVolleyball team
Handball teamHandball team
Basketball teamBasketball team

Maintaining and improving mental and physical health

Toyoda Gosei implements measures to maintain and promote employees’ mental and physical health.

Mental health activities

Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. provides regular mental health education for workers of each level, with emphasis on managers and supervisors to encourage management with a view to mental health in the workplace and smooth communication. A bimonthly mental health bulletin is also distributed to all workers to improve self-care abilities. In each place of business, counseling is provided by in-house occupational health nurses, medical nurses and external counselors to maintain and promote mental health.

Physical health activities

Together with various types of educational activity to maintain and promote health, health classes are held for employees at milestone ages with the aim of preventing lifestyle-related diseases. Support is also given to smokers who want to quit.

These activities and other efforts to consider employee health management from the perspective of company operation were recognized in February 2019 with certification as an “Outstanding Health Management Corporation-White 500” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi.*3

  • *3 Nippon Kenko Kaigi: An organization formed to conduct effective activities in conjunction with private organizations and the full support of government agencies, in order to increase healthy lifespan and proper medical care for each person in Japan as the population rapidly ages and there are fewer children.
Physical health activities
■Health education system
Health education system

Health Lecture Meeting and Exhibit

In 2016 Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. began enhancing its health maintenance and promotion activities to heighten awareness of health in all employees and encourage them to switch to healthy behaviors on their own. As one part of these activities, health lecture meetings are held for managers in each workplace to emphasize the importance of developing exercise habits. These meetings introduce healthy behaviors and activities that can be done in each workplace to prevent lifestyle-related disease. In November 2018 a health lecture meeting and exhibit was held at the company’s Sun Court East facility with about 200 participants consisting of company officers, department managers, and representatives of affiliate companies. RIZAP personal trainer Mana Konda was invited as a guest lecturer. She taught the group good eating and exercise habits and also had everyone participate in a training exercise that burns fat at a high level. A health exhibit was held at the same location with panel exhibits to provide health information and vascular age checks and bone density measurements conducted under the guidance of medical staff.

Health Lecture Meeting and Exhibit
Health Lecture Meeting and Exhibit

Aiming for “Zero Accidents”

Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. aims for zero accidents through Safe Personnel and Safe Workplace programs, with the president overseeing all efforts as the company’s general health and safety manager.

The FY2017 Safe Personnel program focused on holding handrails on stairs and stopping and checking in both directions at stop points on walkways within plants as keys for worker safety. We are trying to maintain these rules and raise compliance by posting guards.

In Safe Workplace activities we aim to improve the safety of high risk equipment where serious accidents (STOP 7) can occur. Risk assessments incorporating a reverse KY (kiken yochi, or hazard prediction) approach are conducted and measures are implemented with a clear priority order.

Sentinel activitySentinel activity

■Trends in rate of work accidents
(rate of injuries resulting in lost work time)

Trends in rate of work accidents (rate of injuries resulting in lost work time)

Creation of energetic workplaces where employees can work based on labormanagement trust and mutual responsibility

Based on the basic principle of mutual trust and responsibility in labor-management relations, the company and labor union discuss working conditions with the aim of creating better work place environments. Central labor- management conferences, division and center labor-management conferences, and departmental labor-management conferences are held regularly to improve communication between labor and management. In the departmental labormanagement conference in particular, department general managers and workplace representatives discuss problems or difficulties in the workplace with the aim of creating more pleasant workplaces.