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Supplier Relations

産業と技術革新の 基盤をつくろうつくる責任 つかう責任

We aim to deepen our partnerships with suppliers based on our basic procurement policy, while achieving sustainable growth for us both.

Basic procurement policy

1.Optimum global procurement

We procure the best raw materials, products, and equipment fairly from a global perspective while considering cost, quality, technology, and production.

We also welcome proposals from suppliers for new technologies and methods and new products.

2.Mutual growth based on mutual trust

We aim to raise the collective strength of the Toyoda Gosei Group based on open and fair relationships with suppliers, strengthening our mutual corporate cultures, introducing innovative management, and building mutual trust.

3.Moving toward a sustainable society

Toyoda Gosei has set activity norms as guidelines for efforts that should be made for the SDGs and other social issues, and shared them with suppliers in carrying out activities. We also aim to ensure complete legal compliance and confidentiality in corporate activities, including our supply chain.

Strengthening our relationships with suppliers

To participate in an initiative related to the supply chain, we have announced a Declaration of Partnership Building as promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan, and are building and deepening relationships of equal trust with suppliers.

Every April, we also explain our management philosophy, business environment and company policy in a procurement policy briefing with about 200 suppliers, and share our efforts and targets in the areas of safety, compliance, quality, production, and costs.

We hold procurement liaison meetings six times a year to share production information and information on quality, compliance, safety and other matters. In addition, we hold seminars on carbon neutrality and other social issues to strengthen our partnerships with suppliers.

Support for suppliers so that we can grow together

To support our suppliers, we implement various initiatives from the perspective of safety, quality, cost and production.

Safety initiatives include prevention activities based on fire prevention inspections of painting and other production equipment and risk assessments. Efforts related to production include manufacturing site improvement through manufacturing reform activities. Both of these areas are related to personnel development.

We have also established Supplier Month as a time to express our sincere appreciation to each of our suppliers for their ongoing efforts, while also listening to their concerns and working continuously to resolve them.

Supplier Month posters

Sustainability activities to help resolve social issues

We are making efforts over our entire supply chain to perform our social responsibility as a company and promote sustainability.

Based on rising expectations for sustainability efforts in companies, we have created Supplier Sustainability Guidelines and requested that our suppliers thoroughly understand and practice them.

These guidelines set policies related to human rights and labor, the environment, compliance, and other matters. In addition to social aspects (child labor, forced labor, no discrimination and equal opportunity, freedom of association, reduction of long working hours, minimum wage, health and safety, and more), we ask suppliers to observe environmental aspects such as water use and biodiversity.

With regard to the environment, suppliers are asked to reduce CO2, recycle resources including waste, and control chemical substances with our Green Procurement Guidelines.

For conflict minerals, we ask suppliers to be responsible in their procurement of resources and raw materials. Once a year we conduct a survey of conflict materials with the cooperation of all our suppliers.