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Supplier Relations

We aim to deepen our partnerships with suppliers based on our basic procurement policy, while achieving sustainable growth for us both.

Basic procurement policy

1.Optimum global procurement

We procure the best raw materials, products, and equipment fairly from a global perspective while considering cost, quality, technology, and production.

We also welcome proposals from suppliers for new technologies and methods and new products.

2.Mutual growth based on mutual trust

We aim to raise the collective strength of the Toyoda Gosei Group based on open and fair relationships with suppliers, strengthening our mutual corporate cultures, introducing innovative management, and building mutual trust.

3.Efforts for ESG

We share ESG efforts with suppliers with the aim of protecting the environment, fulfilling our social responsibilities, and thorough governance in the Toyoda Gosei Group.

We also aim to ensure complete legal compliance and confidentiality in corporate activities, including our supply chain.

Strengthening our relationships with suppliers

Every April, we hold a procurement policy briefing with about 200 suppliers, where we explain our management philosophy, business environment and company policy, and share our efforts and targets in the areas of safety, compliance, quality, production, and costs. We also present awards to suppliers who have raised their achievements in each field. Every quarter, we hold a procurement liaison meeting with about 100 suppliers to share production information and information on quality, compliance, safety and other matters. In addition, we hold seminars on personnel development, business continuation and other topics to strengthen our partnerships with suppliers.

Support for suppliers so that we can grow together

To support our suppliers, we implement various initiatives from the perspective of safety, quality, cost and production. Safety initiatives include prevention activities based on checks of compliance with Japan’s Industrial Safety and Health Act and risk assessments. Efforts related to production include manufacturing site improvement through manufacturing reform activities. Both of these areas are related to personnel development. We have also established Supplier Month as a time to express our sincere appreciation to each of our suppliers for their daily efforts, while also listening to their concerns and working continuously to resolve them.

Green procurement

We do our utmost for environmentally-friendly procurement based on our Green Procurement Guidelines (4th Edition), which consist of three components: establishing environmental management systems; improving regulatory compliance and environmental performance; and managing harmful substances. To reduce environmental impacts, we strive to enhance suppliers’ internal organizations and systems and raise the level of their production activities. Positive results have been achieved, such as acquisition of ISO 14001 certification and reduction of energy consumption and waste. We comply with increasingly strict chemical substance regulations around the world and monitor the chemicals contained in items procured from suppliers. We also coordinate with suppliers in complying with European ELV (end of-life vehicle) and REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) regulations, and in the management of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).