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2019 70 anniversary


Approach to CSR

With the company creed of “Boundless creativity and social contribution,” we are undertaking a wide range of efforts in the key CSR areas of environmental preservation, creating pleasant workplaces, and creating livable communities based on good corporate governance. Through business activities that contribute to the creation of a better society, such as providing airbags that reduce injuries during accidents and lighter weight parts that contribute to improved automobile fuel economy and reduced carbon emissions, we will grow sustainably as a company and meet the expectations of our stakeholders around the world, including customers, shareholders, investors, employees, suppliers and local communities.

Approach to CSR
Materiality determination process
Step 1 Identifying issues

The Toyoda Gosei Group identified issues to be investigated with reference to the GRI Standards, which are international guidelines for CSR (ESG), and sustainable development goals (SDGs) for the growth of international society.

Step 2 Judging the importance of each element from internal and external perspectives

The issues for consideration identified in STEP 1 were placed on a materiality map. Based on interviews with experts and stakeholders, items placed in the “very high region” by either were judged to be issues of utmost importance.

Judging the importance of each element from internal and external perspectives
Step 3 Materiality determination

The important issues identified in STEP 2 were investigated by a project team made up of people from relevant departments, and nine key CSR issues were decided. This materiality is obviously of interest to and has a strong impact on stakeholders. These issues are positioned as important themes for the Toyoda Gosei Group as well.

Materiality determination
Relationships with stakeholders
Stakeholders Declaration Declaration
Customers We will provide in a timely manner products and services with quality and prices that satisfy customers, based on research and development and manufacturing technology that anticipates future changes.
  • ・CS/Business activities
  • ・Website
Shareholders, investors Our 2025 Business Plan clearly shows our medium and long-term management targets and strategic policy for sustainable growth.
  • ・Financial statements (4 times/year)
  • ・Financial results briefings (2 times/year), annual shareholders’ meeting (1 time/year)
  • ・Website
  • ・Individual meetings
  • ・IR tools (general reports, business reports)
Employees We respect the individuality of each person while at the same time increasing our collective strength through teamwork, achieving a vibrant corporate culture with meaningful work based on labor-management trust and mutual responsibility.
  • ・Intranet/in-house communications
  • ・Workshops
  • ・Employee surveys (6 times/year)
  • ・Central labor-management consultations (5 times/year)
  • ・Departmental labor-management consultations (6 times/year)
Suppliers Based on open and equal relationships with suppliers, we strengthen each other’s corporate cultures, strive for management innovation, and raise the collective Group strength.
  • ・Procurement activities
  • ・Procurement liaison meetings
Local communities We contribute as a good corporate citizen to development of the economy and society through business activities rooted in each country and community and social contribution activities.
  • ・Contributing to the community through business
  • ・Participation in volunteer activities
National and local
governments, industry
We have built systems for strict legal compliance and thorough corporate ethics, and conduct our business activities with integrity.
  • ・Complying with laws/regulations
  • ・Participation in industry-academia-government collaboration projects
  • ・Participation in industry organizations