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Toyoda Gosei at a glance

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Toyoda Gosei at a glance

Origins of Company name

Toyoda Toyoda inheritance + Gosei The Japanese word “gosei” means “synthesis.” Toyoda Gosei creates new things from multiple materials:
The name “Toyoda” comes from our historical roots in the region famous for Sakichi Toyoda, the prominent Japanese inventor who established Toyoda Industries, and his son Kiichiro Toyoda, the founder of Toyota Motor Corporation. It is also linked to our achievements as the core nonmetallic division of the Toyota Group.   The Japanese word “gosei” means “synthesis” and is used in our company name with respect to the main materials we use and our principle of creating new things. On a basis of elastic “synthetic rubber” and flexible “synthetic plastics,” we combine materials together to make automotive parts with high function and quality.

Symbolic Hexagon in Company Logo

The company logo was modeled after the “benzene nucleus,”
a chemical compound consisting of six carbon atoms. Even very active
and unstable chemical substances become stable in a hexagonal form,
and the logo symbolizes our vigor and stability.