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April 07, 2008 Toyoda Gosei has a license from Dr. Neumark for the ’499 patent
September 28, 2007 Toyoda Gosei and OSRAM GmbH enter Agreement concerning LED-related patents
November 28, 2006 Toyoda Gosei to establish a new interior & exterior parts plant in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture
August 07, 2006 Call for Caution Regarding Toyoda Gosei’s Patents Related to LEDs
April 03, 2006 Toyoda Gosei and Philips Lumileds Lighting Company enter Agreement concerning LED-related patents
August 03, 2005 Toyoda Gosei Establishes New Safety Systems Subsidiary in South Africa
March 27, 2005 Toyoda Gosei Establishes a New Plant for Body Sealing and Safety System Products in Kitakyushu.
March 14, 2005 LEDs: TridonicAtco of Zumtobel Group and Toyoda Gosei sign joint venture agreement, investing in technology of high-power LED for general lighting
January 11, 2005 Toyoda Gosei Establishes a New Subsidiary in Texas, U.S.A.
October 05, 2004 Development and Marketing of 1000mcd White LED
September 21, 2004 Toyoda Gosei Establishes a New Subsidiary in Vietnam for Manufacturing Safety System Components
July 21, 2004 Partial Taking Over of Others’ Patent in Respect of White LED
April 20, 2004 Second Production Base for Blue LEDs Established
February 05, 2004 Toyoda Gosei Establishes a New Subsidiary in China for Body Sealing Components
January 20, 2004 TG Vision 2010
December 02, 2003 Toyoda Gosei Establishes Two New Subsidiaries in China to Expand Production of Safety Systems Components and Plastic Parts
May 19, 2003 Toyoda Gosei Holds Grand Opening Ceremony at its Czech Plant
April 03, 2003 Toyoda Gosei Develops Japan's First All-Composite Fuel Tanks for Natural Gas Vehicles
July 18, 2002 Judgment rendered by Tokyo High Court Validating Toyoda Gosei's Patent (decided in Toyoda Gosei's favor)
February 28, 2002 Tokyo District Court rendered judgments in favor of Toyoda Gosei (to the effect of non-infringement) in both the two (2) Patent Infringement Cases concerning Blue LED
February 28, 2002 Joint Venture to Specialize in Resin Fuel Tank Systems
October 26, 2001 Toyoda Gosei and Tokai Rika Agree to Collaborate on Automotive Safety Systems
October 13, 2001 Supreme Court Judgment Substantially Invalidating Nichia Corporation's Patent Rendered (Final and Conclusive in favor of Toyoda Gosei)
October 13, 2001 Toyoda Gosei Introduces "TG White Hi," Highly Luminous Light-Emitting Diode (LED)
October 09, 2001 Judgment rendered by Tokyo High Court Validating Toyoda Gosei's Patent (decided in Toyoda Gosei's favor)
April 24, 2001 New TG LED Optoelectronic Products
April 19, 2001 Toyoda Gosei Successfully Develops Manufacturing Technology for Shortwave, GaN-based Semiconductor Laser Diode
February 08, 2001 Toyoda Gosei Develops White Light LED Jointly with Toshiba Corporation
January 26, 2001 Toyoda Gosei Establishes Auto Parts Plant in Czech Republic
November 27, 2000 Toyoda Gosei and Daicel Chemical Industries to Establish Joint Venture in Kentucky
November 08, 2000 Toyoda Gosei Develops Purple LED and LED Photo-Deodorizing Air Cleaner
September 20, 2000 TG Participation in Hunet Co., Ltd.
September 20, 2000 The establishment of a new manufacturing company in Ontario, Canada
August 01, 2000 New Joint-venture Company to Make Automobile LED Products
July 17, 2000 Joint Venture for Production of Automobile Body Seals in Tianjin
June 15, 2000 New Company Established in Thailand
May 01, 2000 Buys Eagle-Picher Fluid Systems Division