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  • オプトエレクトロニクス製品

UV-C (deep UV) LEDs that can kill viruses and bacteria and other LEDs with new added value are being developed.

■UV-C LED modules

with heat sink

(with heat sink)

without heat sink

(without heat sink)

LED modules equipped with water-resistance and heat dissipation functions.

■UV-C LED water purification units

UV-C LED water purification units

This unit is equipped with a UV-C LED module and is used to purify water (drinking water, domestic use water, discharge water, etc.)

■Solar LEDs

Solar LEDs

An LED that reproduces natural light with original technology. Red, green, blue phosphor is irradiated with violet light to achieve a color tone close to sunlight.

General Industry Products
  • 特機製品

Using the technologies we have cultivated for automobile parts, we develop products in various other fields. Our business is growing in areas ranging from air purifiers, for which we are involved in all steps from design to production, to construction and industrial machines, home construction components and personal electronics.

■Air Conditioning Products

Air purifiers Panels for home ceiling air conditioners

We are a top OEM manufacturer of air conditioners, providing a wide range of variations in performance, design, color, and more.

■Home Construction Components

Dynamic dampers for houses For wood

These products use vibration suppression rubber technology to suppress footstep sounds on upper and lower floors in houses and create a quiet, comfortable environment.

■Industrial machinery parts(interior parts)

Interior components

Interior componentsInterior products, steering wheels, weatherstrips, hoses

Steering wheels, shift levers, and instrument panel components for construction and industrial machines including forklifts and power shovels.

■Construction machinery parts(interior parts)

Interior components


LED dynamo light LED solar mini-torches

These LED light products can be charged by simply pulling a wire. They can be used in vehicle emergencies, disasters, and for early morning and evening walks.